March 19, 2020

Sunday morning worship is on hold until further notice.  

Well…that changed in a hurry! In-between time the Council and I worked out these guidelines, the infection rate in Illinois skyrocketed, the warnings about gathering grew more dire, and it became clear that worshiping together in person would no longer be possible for a while. 

Sunday morning worship is on hold until further notice. Beth and I will get word out whenever it seems possible to start meeting together, in person, again. In the meantime, skip directly ahead to page 2 of the enclosed “Coping with COVID” informational sheet. 

The weekly mailing will start the week of March 23, and be distributed electronically where possible and through the postal service where not. The first video Bible study will be next Sunday, March 29, at 9 am. Look for your electronic invitations to arrive soon. Tarrah and I are also planning other ways to get together in the virtual world. If any of you have experience setting things like that up, please call. 

For now, remember that, whether together or scattered, we ARE the Church, and no virus can ever change that!