Melinda Milligan

Melinda Milligan

Melinda Milligan began serving as Director of New Beginnings Daycare in April, 2006. She brought with her over twenty years of experience working in the child care field.

As director of New Beginnings, Melinda oversees a staff of approximately twelve employees, scheduling their work hours and supervising them while they’re on the job. Melinda is also responsible for steering the daycare through the maze of regulations that must be followed for New Beginnings to maintain its state license. A visit to the daycare on a “typical” day (if there is such a thing) can find Melinda doing anything from teaching in a classroom to serving lunch to dealing with the paperwork that is so much a part of her job.

Asked to introduce herself, Melinda said:

“My husband and I live in Belleville, and have been married for nineteen years. We have two children and two grandchildren. I grew up with six siblings in the Freeburg area, and have stayed close to home. I’m glad to be in New Athens because I’m still in the area, close to my family.

“I love children and that’s why I do this job. I’ve been in the daycare business for over 27 years. I’ve been a director for six years.”

“I really like the staff and people here at New Beginnings. We’re hoping to enroll more children in our facility, which is a loving and fun environment for children.”