March 24, 2020

Daily Devotions

Meditation for March 24, 2020 Henri Nouwen, Bread for the Journey

There is a twilight zone in our own hearts that we ourselves cannot see. Even when we know quite a lot about ourselves—our gifts and weaknesses, our ambitions and aspirations, our motives and drives— large parts of ourselves remain in the shadow of consciousness.

This is a very good thing. We will always remain partially hidden to ourselves. Other people, especially those who love us, can often see our twilight zones better than we ourselves can. The way we are seen and understood by others is different from the way we see and understand ourselves. We will never fully know the significance of our presence in the lives of our friends. That’s a grace, a grace that calls us not only to humility, but also to a deep trust in those who love us. It is in the twilight zones of our hearts where true friendships are born.

Today we share a prayer from Rabbi Alden Solovy that comes from his website, To Bend Light. It’s well worth a Google search and a bit of your time. Look to hear more from Rabbi Solovy in these daily meditations every now and then.

Coronavirus: A Prayer for Medical Scientists

God of wisdom, Bless medical scientists and researchers around the world With insight and skill, dedication and fortitude, As they combat coronavirus, So that their work yields knowledge and understanding, Speedily finding a vaccine, treatments and deterrents to its spread.

Source of life, Grant public health and government officials The strength to act swiftly and decisively, With compassion and understanding, In service to humankind, Fighting this outbreak And the other diseases that still plague the planet, Diseases threatening the lives of our brothers and sisters, Nations and communities, Young and old.

Rock of Ages, Bring an end to disease and suffering, So that all may know Your compassion and Your grace.

Praised are You, God, healer of flesh, maker of wonders.

© 2020 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

And, finally, from Gary Larson’s The Far Side, a parable for our times.


Stay safe and stay well!