March 26, 2020

Daily Devotions

Meditation for March 26, 2020
Henri Nouwen, Bread for the Journey

Can fathers and mothers become friends of their children? Many children leave their parents to find freedom and in­dependence and return to them only occasionally. When they return they often feel like children again and, therefore, do not want to stay long. Many parents worry about their children’s well­being after they have left home. When their children visit they want to be caring parents again.

But a mother can also become the daughter of her daughter and a father the son of his son. A mother can be­come the daughter of her son and a father the son of his daughter. Father and mother become brother and sister of their own children, and they all can become friends. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is as beautiful to watch as the dawn of a new day.

Carol Winfrey Gillette finished a new hymn for the pandemic on Monday. As with all her work, it also makes a fine prayer.

When we face an unknown future that we can’t imagine yet, when the closeness we have treasured turns from blessing into threat— As we miss our friends and loved ones, as we crave community, may we look, God, in this season, for a whole new way to be.

Jesus faced the lonely desert as a time to look within. There he met such trial and conflict; there he knew you were with him. In this time of separation when we miss the life we’ve known, may we hear your voice proclaiming: “I am here! You’re not alone.”

May we cherish those around us as we never have before. May we think much less of profit; may we learn what matters more. May we hear our neighbors’ suffering; may we see our neighbors’ pain. May we learn new ways of offering life and health and hope again.

God, when illness comes to threaten, and when so much here goes wrong, may we know this thing for certain— that your love is sure and strong. You’re beside us in our suffering, and when times are surely tough, we may face an unknown future, but it’s filled, Lord, with your love.

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Another of my faves from Gary Larson’s The Far Side.


And, finally, a few fun links to share.

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Stay safe and stay well!