April 2, 2020

Daily Devotions

Meditation, Prayers, and Assorted Stuff for April 2, 2020

Henri Nouwen, Bread for the Journey, “The Dignity to Give and Receive”

“Nobody is so poor that he or she has nothing to give, and nobody is so rich that he or she has nothing to receive.” These words by Pope John Paul II offer a powerful direction for all who want to work for peace. No peace is thinkable as long as the world remains divided into two groups: those who give and those who receive. Real human dignity is found in giving as well as receiving. This is true not only for individuals but for nations, cultures, and religious communities as well.

A true vision of peace sees a continuous mutuality between giving and receiving. Let’s never give anything without asking ourselves what we are receiving from those to whom we give, and let’s never receive anything without asking what we have to give to those from whom we receive.

Today’s prayer comes from the website litugrylink and was written by Katherine L. Kussmaul, the pastor of Saint Giles Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Prayer For COVID-19: In the Midst

Holy One, Bridger of Distance, Connector of Beings, hear our prayer….

In the midst of non-stop news stories about illness and scarcity, press conferences and cancellations… grant us quiet in our minds.

In the midst of heightened anxiety about caregivers and caregiving, about health and hygiene, grant us calm in our hearts.

In the midst of opposing views: close doors or stay open, reach out or hunker down… grant us peace in our spirits.

In the midst of distance in our families, our faith communities, in all our relationships with others… grant us connection in our separation.

In the midst of our lives: our gratitude and concerns, our hopes and longings… grant us an abiding sense of Your Comfort.

Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur struggles with the eternal question, “How much news is too much news?”

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Stay safe and stay well!